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“If you wake up in a different place, at a different time, can you wake up as a different person?” I’ve been wondering about who I am becoming here, about how much pre-service training will affect who I become at … Continue reading

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Kung Fu Therapy

It’s hard learning a form I know I will never finish. I just began a staff form, and I really like it. Simple and direct at first, but I’m told it’s long and complicated. I have seven weeks left here. … Continue reading

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Looking in.

So I’m going to San Francisco. It’s strange how everything has worked out so well since I started on this part of my life. I know there have been problems, but for the most part, everything has timed itself out … Continue reading

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Lollipops at the Meat Counter

I have issues with the concept of sanitation here sometimes. I’ve learned to accept that some things are going to be more questionable, like handling raw meat then serving food, or simply not having a sink available. The people here … Continue reading

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