An Argument with a German Teacher

It’s a tragedy when you have to rely on other people to fail so you can get what you need. I ordered my books at the beginning of the month, even at sixty dollars for shipping they were supposed to take three to four weeks to arrive. They arrived on the 25th, and the shipping company put a notice in the mailbox for pickup, which is not a bad idea. The only flaw is that the landlord never checks the mailbox for mail. I guess the regular postman just throws it on the ground outside the house or something. I had five days to pick it up, and they checked the box on the sixth day.

Fortunately, the shipping company failed to send it back as they said they would. In the states, it probably would have been gone by the time I was able to get over there, but here it was just in a big pile against the wall. It probably never would have been sent back. I was happy that they failed to do their job completely. In a way that makes me sad. I like when the system works, when people do what they are supposed to and everything comes out okay. I don’t really like it when everyone involved gets lazy, makes mistakes, and everything still comes out okay. There is no reason to fix anything if the problem solves itself. A week late, but resolved all the same.

I will never understand why people insist on continuing along a path when it doesn’t really work out well for them. I was talking to one of the German teachers at school complaining about thieves in the city and how he wanted to beat them into the ground. He started telling me the benefits of extremist judicial systems and why Mexico needs one. He pointed out the benefits of the Nazi regime and their execution of thieves in the street. He talked about Stalin and his policies in Russia. He did it all while quoting the Torah, “an eye for an eye.” From Exodus, no less, when the Jews were escaping the cruelty of the Pharaoh.

He was starting it with the wrong person. I pointed out to him the executions of the Narcos under Calderon and how it had only made the Sinaloa Cartel more powerful. I pointed out that the Nazis also executed anyone they didn’t like and that the war and theft committed by the regime are what fixed their economy, not killing thieves. I explained that Russia is still fucked up and executing criminals has never worked the way he claims it would. I left out the hypocrisy of his quote. I also left him standing open mouthed trying to find another argument before he walked away to class.

I enjoy a good argument, one lacking in logical fallacies but with real passion. I hate when people are so easily stopped, when they realize that they don’t know what to say because they were expecting agreement. I do find it funny though, if really boring in the end. Pointing out to someone that their ideas have been proven to not work in every example they give can be really fun though. I just wish he had more to defend with, or maybe just the time to hash it out.

I am starting to feel the strain of leaving here, watching time run out as the weeks pass far too quickly. There is too much to do, but I cannot do most of it yet. I can only start to pare down what I own, begin to notify people that I will be gone, and look to what comes next. I will not miss the wifi here, which is still not working correctly, or the complete lack of Chinese food, but I’m starting to see the things I will miss. I may make a list one day, but I doubt it will be anything special. The only thing that ever matters is the people.


I like my camera.

A few more from Mazamitla

A few more from Mazamitla

DSCN9067 DSCN9074

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