Tucson, Arizona to Pecos, Texas (Gallery)

Tensions were higher on Friday. We almost ate the cat, not out of hunger, just spite. Crossing the desert is always hard. It has it’s own beauty, but you won’t always see it from the car. In America, everything close to the highway tends to be dirty, old, and unpleasant. From the bathroom with “poo juice” in the toilet, as my nephew called it, to the cattle farms there are horrible smells assaulting you from the side of the road. It gets better once you pass Western Texas, but this entire day was that wasteland of truck stops and old farms. I would love to explore the desert one day, but it is never fun to just pass through.

20150717_091729 20150717_181048 DSCN6982 DSCN7003 DSCN7034 DSCN7040 DSCN7046 DSCN7070 DSCN7076 DSCN7084 DSCN7087 DSCN7092 DSCN7111 DSCN7142 DSCN7148 DSCN7173 DSCN7181 DSCN7192 DSCN7198 DSCN7210 DSCN7220 DSCN7234 DSCN7246 DSCN7256 DSCN7271 DSCN7300 DSCN7333 DSCN7338 DSCN7345 DSCN7349 DSCN7360 DSCN7368 DSCN7384

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