I hate statistics.

I hate statistics. I keep trying to feel otherwise about it, because the information it gives us fascinates me, but I hate it. I haven’t taken a math class in ten years, and now I remember what a pain it is to remember formulas and get all the details right. I have a tendency to mix up numbers or symbols just often enough to completely change the answer. Then I get to go back and search for the mistake. Sometimes I find it, sometimes I don’t. I usually just end up redoing the entire question, sometimes getting the right answer, and sometimes getting a different wrong answer. SNHU has a lot of tools to help built in to the system, which is the only reason I haven’t spent the entire week cursing the names of the people who invented statistics. I have cursed their names, just not endlessly.

My other class is awesome though. I love sociology. We’re researching the details of a number of studies on drugs and prostitution this week. I can see why people get frustrated with the arguments, mostly because they are based on belief more than fact. They had a short history of one guy who was working on getting marijuana made illegal back in the day. He told stories of people murdering their families or committing blissful suicide on marijuana. If you’ve never seen the movie “Reefer Madness,” you should. I have never smoked the stuff and I still couldn’t stop laughing.

I find it interesting to read the studies of heroin addicts who are professionals, like doctors and businessmen, who never need to commit crime to feed their addiction. The studies of poor heroin addicts who use the stuff several times in a day, then stop for several days with no physical withdraw symptoms. The people who decide that methadone, which is made from heroin and has all the effects and symptoms, is legal and heroin is illegal. The studies done of when heroin was first made illegal to target the primarily Chinese population who used it, and how it was illegal for the Chinese people to import, but not for whites. How the drugs of the poorer segment of the population are penalized far more than the drugs of the richer segment. How much things actually improved in the year since marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington. I find few things as amusing as when common sense completely fails.

I was hearing about the marijuana issue down here in Mexico a while ago. It seems that growers in Mexico stopped because the price dropped so severely that it’s just not worth it anymore. I love college. Only my second semester in and I’m already wondering how bad it would really be if we just legalized and regulated everything. I have found a new phrase that I love. Sociology does not take a moral stance on issues. I laugh every time I think of it. It sounds so true and so much like a cop out at the same time. I will be using that phrase for the rest of my life, I’m sure. I just wish I didn’t have to deal with statistics.

I finally got my work VISA card. It’s good for just shy of a year, so I have a while before I have to deal with that again. I start working at HP tomorrow. They replaced some of my random classes with more HP classes, giving me more hours and a more stable schedule combined with less travel to work. It will help. I’m going to need the extra time this semester. Stupid statistics. One problem can take up to an hour sometimes. I should be more than fine on money now, and hopefully I’ll get used to the math and things will start to go faster.

There is a martial arts tournament I am looking forward to in a few months. It’s going to be between the different schools within the White Lotus lineage. I will probably not get far, but it’s hard to practice here without the time available to attend a regular class. I also want to find a sparring gym, somewhere where I can practice actual fighting for a change. I just have to find one that won’t try and force me to switch to MMA or one of the Korean or Japanese arts. I’m also hoping to find the time to practice on the weekends with the Wing Chun studio. I may start taking classes there and only go when I can on Saturdays. I think I’ll probably move on from Chi Gung to something else also. Having Tuesday and Thursday night to practice will make a lot of difference. I can keep practicing the Chi Gung on my own also, but I’d rather focus more on Tai Chi. I also want to find somewhere where I can learn to dance better and play piano. And once again I take on too many projects.

I did have an interesting run in with the police. The crappy car they send us with to work at Pioneer broke down on what counts as a freeway here. Mateos is more like a major road that they tried to convert to a freeway, then gave up half way and put in a few random stoplights and traffic circles. I know what is said about the police here in Mexico, but I had no issues. Once again, being a white male comes in handy. They were very friendly and efficient. They tied a rope from their truck to the front of our car then pulled us up the hill and off the main road. The knot did come apart at the end, but we were already moving and the cops just moved to block traffic and let us pass them and turn on to a side street. They pulled up, got their rope, made sure we had someone coming to help us, then left. It was just like in the States, except for the rope. I’m pretty sure that is a much less common solution. It’s strange after all the stories, but it was no different to me than when I’ve met police back in San Diego. They were nicer than the cops in New York, but that’s not a surprise.

Other than that, there is little going on here. The year is just beginning, and everyone is still trying to recover from the holidays. Most of my classes have been somewhat empty since the students need to catch up on what work they missed over the holiday. I did get a new class with a nine year old girl. She didn’t say a more than one word at a time above a whisper for two hours. It doesn’t help that I wasn’t told that it was a kid so I didn’t really have any age appropriate material prepared. I’m going to have to find something that will work for her. If anyone has suggestions, I’m happy to have the help. I’ll consult the Spaniard when I get the chance this week. I’m wondering if the Beverly Cleary books are too old for her.

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I hate statistics. Lots. And lots. I have begun to consider not trying to continuously be a social outcast anymore. I’m not that good at it anyway, but I figured it’s taking too much effort to avoid people in general. I will probably still avoid them individually, but maybe I’ll actually try and learn their names first. Makes it easier when I know who I’m avoiding.

There was a fire out in the field near Pioneer. No one seemed to care. Security said it happens all the time.

There was a fire out in the field near Pioneer. No one seemed to care. Security said it happens all the time.

Not many pictures this week, so just a couple of things that amuse me.

Not many pictures this week, so just a couple of things that amuse me.

I love bad English sometimes.

I love bad English sometimes.


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4 Responses to I hate statistics.

  1. I know you don’t write or journal here for the compliments and the accolades but I’d like you to know that I like reading your blog. Maybe I’ve mentioned it before, I can’t recall.

    Also, I copied a tiny little bit of one of your style choices–I thought you should know. Because I think it’s a good and a creative way of concealing and revealing the identities of certain, important, recurring characters. Also it seems better to do this in the comics I’m working on, so you know, it’s a thing I’m gonna keep doing. Most likely I’ll just tell everybody that I came up with it by reading your blog. So.. thanks!


  2. James says:

    I expect credit and partial ownership of the movie rights for the comic in exchange for my contribution. 😉


  3. Sandy says:

    Good to hear how much you’re enjoying your class, especially statistics. The gods invented that just for you.

    Beverly Cleary is not too old for 9. Especially in this context. Just skip Amelia Bedelia. Might not translate!


  4. James says:

    I figured that. I happened to have Dr Seuss on my ipad, so it was a start. I was thinking grim tales too.


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